Does lube expire?

This is a recent question that the feminist sex toy store in Chicago, Early to Bed, just discussed on their blog, and it’s definitely some information worth archiving and passing on.

Water based lubes: most can last at least a year or more.  To keep your lube as fresh as possible, we recommend keeping it in the bottle in came in and keeping it closed when you are not using it.

Liquid Silk and Maximus are the only water-based lubes that have printed “Best By” dates and right now those dates are in the year 2016 so if one 50ml bottle lasts you five years, it will still be ok to use. Slippery Stuff is good for two years. Sliquid lubes are good for 30 months from the date on the bottom of the bottle (see below).

Oil-Based lubes: (only recommended for solo-penis action) can go rancid, so if it smells off you might what to chuck it. It’s not gonna kill you, but it could leave a lingering off scent on your wang.

Silicone lubes: should be “good” for years. There really isn’t anything in those that can go bad.

If you see any discrepancies or have any additional information, I will be updating this!

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    the 1 liter aquaglide (joydivision), water based, has about 3 years until expiration date. Bought in 2013 and it says:...
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    Expired oil or water-based lubes can change compound composition, which can lead to rash and irritation or a more...
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    Wow! It never even occurred to me that lube expires.
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    GREAT information.
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