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There may be “just” 9 million LGBT Americans – but that number that is greater than the entire population of Israel (7 million). And if we are “just” 3.8% of the US population, the LGBT community – a figure that includes hundreds of thousands of LGBT Jews – is still more than twice the size of the total Jewish community in the United States (1.4% of the population), to say nothing of the Mormon community (1.7%). There are 3 million more LGBT Americans, according to the William Institute’s figures, than there are Mormon Americans. And some of those American Mormons, of course, are gay.
Dan Savage. Rick Santorum’s homophobic frothing.
This state of affairs—couples who experimented with nonmonogamy and wound up divorced won’t shut up; couples who experimented with nonmonogamy and are still together won’t speak up—allows smug and insecure monogamists to run around insisting that there’s no such thing as happy, stable monogamish couples.
Dan Savage, on how being ‘monogamish’ is a healthy option for some people.

5 Sexual Role Play Scenarios That Aren’t Played Out

Dan Savage likes to describe sex as “cops and robbers with your pants off”. It’s one of the few areas that adults are allowed to let their imaginations run wild, and make believe they can be and do anything they dream. Sexual role play is definitely the prime example of this make believe play. Are you exhausting some role play scenarios? Here’s your solution!

You know, given that couples have been spicing up their sex lives with costumed role play for decades, at least, you’d think we’d have a few more creative options by now. Not that there’s anything wrong with cops, nurses, cheerleaders, cowboys or Catholic schoolgirls, but aren’t there other options that are equally sexy but a little less done to death?

Sure there are. Here are 5 sexual role play scenarios that go beyond the classics.

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